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A World Without Trust

For Billionaires, just like the rest of us, trust is Paramount. See Showtime's Billions (above) One reason why TV shows such as HBO's Succession and Showtime's Billions, are so appealing is because they deal with an issue which is important…

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How To Give and Receive Feedback

When we are given feedback that conflicts with our self-image, our instinct is to change the information rather than ourselves. There's been a lot published on how leaders should give feedback, but the real art is in receiving it. I…

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Think Forward to Thrive

Being excited about future rewards is a fundamental human desire, says empowerment coach Remy Blumenfeld You already know how having fun things to look forward later in the day, or on the weekend can help make a sad or boring…

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Picking Your Crew – Wizard of Oz Style

Get Bill Gates and Angelina Jolie Working For You GETTY Remember how in The Wizard Of Oz, the Scarecrow wishes he had brains, the tin man longs for a heart, and the cowardly lion seeks courage? On their long journey…

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