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10 Secrets Of Inspiring Leaders

Acting Entitled Can Open Doors…And You Don’t Need To Act Like A Jerk In order to feel like you deserve a place at the table, you need to find ways to silence your saboteur for long enough to acknowledge others and serve up your own accomplishments with humility.
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Podcast Episodes with Remy Blumenfeld

Hear My Podcasts Here:Download There are dozens of episodes providing you with many hours of content discussing the top pieces of advice that I see leaders struggling with. Just click "Download" above.

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To Succeed, It helps To Fail

As with vulnerability, which most of us see as strength when it's shown by others but mistake for weakness when it surfaces in ourselves, owning your failure makes you appear stronger.
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A World Without Trust

For Billionaires, just like the rest of us, trust is Paramount. See Showtime's Billions (above) One reason why TV shows such as HBO's Succession and Showtime's Billions, are so appealing is because they deal with an issue which is important…

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The Power Of Nothingness

Throughout history great innovations, new ways of thinking, have come, not to people who sat with their brows furrowed in a brainstorm, but to people out walking (Tesla) in the shower (Elon Musk) away from in all in a log…

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Turn your downtime into a vacation

Vacation is a state of mind It doesn't matter whether you have a month, a fortnight or a long weekend. Vacation is a state of mind. That's why, so often, you come back from what should have been a wonderful…

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