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Future Self

Meet your future self in a 12 minute closed-eye guided visualization narrated by me.

of life

Find out where you most want to create a breakthrough by taking my Wheel of Life quiz.

with me

Discover powerful resources to help you live an even more fulfilled life.

Hi, I’m Remy

Welcome. While delivering growth and transformation for high-performers in creative industries, I’ve developed many powerful resources which could help you live an even more fulfilled life.

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To your success,

The 5 Biggest Benefits

of working with me will be:

1. Increase the quality of your relationships

You will experience a new effectiveness and ease in your most challenging relationships.

2. Advance your career and finances

You will access your excellence and advance your personal performance and finances.

3. Renew the sense of confidence with which you live your life

You will dissolve self-defeating patterns and claim the self-belief you need to thrive.

4. Elevate your personal productivity

You will explore and expand your sense of what’s possible with someone of depth and experience.

5. Discover how to live a life you love

You will uncover the passion that lives within you and live a life you love.

What People are Saying

My Latest Articles

Remy Blumenfeld: Business and Life Coach for Entrepreneurs

Take your business to the next level with guidance and coaching. I’m not merely a coach who talks the talk. I have started my own businesses and sold them for millions of pounds. I truly understand what it means to be an entrepreneur and founder. Are you in a place where you feel you could be doing more? I can provide business and life coaching for results driven entrepreneurs. This isn’t about giving you a pat on the back and telling you everything will be okay. It is about driving you to the next level. You will set real, tangible goals, and work alongside me to achieve these goals. Leaders don’t need someone to tell them all will be well. They need results.

Life and Business Coaching for Founders and Creatives

I have had a very successful and multifaceted career. From starting my own companies to serving on the boards of two of the world’s largest media companies. The skills and experience I have acquired over the years are what make me a leading life and business coach. My experience in the creative industries makes me a specialist in helping creative leaders and founders across the creative sector. I haven’t led a life void of trials and tribulations. This is another factor that has helped me become so good at what I do. I understand exactly what it feels like to be at the top and at the bottom. I now help founders and creative leaders overcome their fears and doubts, to realise their potential, and dominate their sphere’s.

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