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What is the

Future Self Visualization?

A Visualization is:

simply a process to form mental images in your unconscious mind.

The Future Self Vizualiztion is a 12 minute closed eye guided visualization narrated by me.

The purpose is to introduce you to a powerful resource within your unconscious mind, you in the future, your “Future Self”.

Your Future Self is a resource that you can connect with at any time to serve you in any area of your life to gain insight and inspiration.

For instance, when you have to make decisions, connecting with your Future Self will give you insights into making those decisions with more clarity and certainty.

All you have to do is:

sit comfortably, close your eyes, listen, and let your mind do whatever it does.

Please make sure that you are prepared to take notes in whatever way you like to make notes, as right after the visualisation you may want to write down whatever comes up for you.

Before you begin, please make sure you are in a quiet undisturbed place where you can lie flat on the floor or bed.

Switch off your phone

You may want to have an eye-mask. I will be asking you to close your eyes.

This will take around 12 minutes

I’d love to hear how the experience was for you, so feel free to message me HERE

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