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I am so glad you are here! This site is dedicated to you, your growth and transformation. Over the years what I’ve found to be the easiest, most effective way to create change is to combine both transformational and practical work, so that’s what I do. And I have lots of resources to help you discover who you are and what’s really possible in your life. Learn more ->

With love, Remy

The 5 Biggest Benefits of working with me will be:

1. Increase the quality of your relationships

You will experience a new effectiveness and ease in your most challenging relationships.

2. Advance your career and finances

You will access your excellence and advance your personal performance and finances

3. Renew your sense of confidence with which you live your life

You will dissolve self-defeating patterns and claim the self-belief you need to thrive

4. Elevate your personal productivity

You will explore and expand your sense of what’s possible with someone of depth and experience.

5. Discover how to live a life you love

You will uncover the passion that lives within you and live a life you love.

What people are saying:

Remy has that uncanny ability to cut through all the nonsense and very quickly hone in on the real issues that matter. Thanks to his remarkable perception and intuition, I have found fresh perspectives on some of the major issues I’m currently grappling with. He has challenged my assumptions and negative thought patterns and I have now committed fully to a creative path.

Dan S

Working with Remy has brought so much joy and abundance into my life. He has helped me make distinctions that were previously blind spots. I had struggled with judgments about myself and with what was possible. Remy's observations are sometimes painfully honest but are always delivered with great compassion. I have gained confidence and am now realising exciting new possibilities in both my personal and professional life

Isabelle J

I have been hugely enlightened by Remy’s perceptions as I have faced a number of difficult decisions and troubled periods which Remy navigated me through. Without him I might not have built the bridges needed to make a journey home to say goodbye to my dying father, or taken the time to understand why my relationship with my partner had turned into a vicious circle of arguments, break ups and unhappiness. I have defeated these cycles and started a new business with my partner that I love.

Sharon R

I needed guidance on how to rebuild my career. What I lacked most was the right state of mind to address this challenge. Remy quickly grasped this and understood how he could accompany me towards a mindset that would allow me to find success. I moved to another country and rebuilt a career in finance in a new city.

Ziad C

I reached out to Remy when I was looking for a new direction in my career. He brought his experience and wisdom to help me achieve my mission and I now am busy working on projects which I love.

Sabri M

I met Remy in 2015 shortly after I'd made a fairly major life change, having left a head of department role at a multi-billion pound corporate to pursue my lifelong dream of directing theatre and film. Having Remy believe in me helped me to think that maybe I wasn't deluding myself that "I could do this.” He's very perceptive and I've found him to genuinely care about me as a person, and also to help me accept that other people care too, which is something I've struggled with in the past. I am now working full time in Theatre and film, if you get the opportunity to work with Remy I'd grasp it with both hands!

Jack S

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